What's New in SCOIS CIS for 2022

Introducing SCOIS CIS360 IGP

  • A new component added to SCOIS that will allow students to develop the awareness, knowledge, attitudes, and skills to be career ready while completing their requirements for their IGP. CIS 360 IGP provides faster ways to search for programs of study, scholarships, schools, careers and so much more while offering updated assessments with every student in mind.
  • Located within the Jr, High School, College and Adult versions of SCOIS.
  • Students can access CIS 360 IGP on all versions of SCOIS when they login to SCOIS with their registered SCOIS Student Portfolio.
  • CIS 360 IGP is not available on each version of SCOIS if you’re using your School/Site’s Generic login.

Campus Tour Videos

Take a campus tour!  Over 2,000 videos have been added to schools, click on the video icon in an occupation to explore.

If you have any questions, please contact SCOIS Program Assistance at 1-800-264-9038 or scoisassistance@ed.sc.gov